Thursday, October 05, 2006

On that Foley story

I've been avoiding this one since there's plenty of coverage elsewhere, but some things are just too good to pass up:

Florida Blog has a great rundown of all the blame flying around in this story, from Drudge to Katharine Harris to Limbaugh and Hannity (blaming Democrats, of course).

Florida Blog also recommends Talking Points Memo as the best blog for following the political ramifications of this case. (Also, TPM points to its TPM Muckraker blog for breaking Hastert/Foley news.)
TPM also points to a blogger who searched the entire Congressional Record for references to Foley and pages.

Daily Pulp has been linking for days to the previous coverage of Foley's outing, and to reports about his hidden longtime partner, including one from the Miami Herald's Steve Rothaus in his Gay South Florida blog.
Notable, also, Frank Cerabino's column in the Palm Beach Post: Foley's sexual orientation a not-so-secret secret.

Will there be prosecutions? The Washington Post reports the Justice Department has sent an order to the House of Representatives to preserve all documents relating to Foley and the page program, a good indication.


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