Monday, June 12, 2006

On a roll

Tim Porter's First Draft blog, which was in a slump for awhile as Porter worked on other projects, is full of great postings Porter's added over the last couple weeks.

Worth checking out if you haven't visited it lately. Notable:

-- The gas is half full -- or half empty, on formulaic speculative holiday gas price stories.

-- On Dean Singleton.

-- Hiring for Innovation, on Adrian Holovaty's interview with Robert Niles (linked on many j-blogs):
What Holovaty said is so important it bears repetition: "If you want innovation, hire people who are capable of it. Hire people who know what's possible." Holovaty is talking about programmers, but you can substitute the words editors, reporters or photographers and apply the same idea. Hire for possibility, hire for innovation, hire for the future.

...and lots more good stuff.


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