Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Greenslade, and copy editors blogging

There's a new Romenesko in town, and he's called Greenslade. Roy Greenslade is a former newspaper editor and a Guardian commentator. His site is a new 'media gossip' site for the UK, but his postings cover much more than that, along with much from the U.S. According to Jeff Jarvis:

Greenslade is more selective. He’s not trying to cover every move by news businesses. He’s trying to find stories that matter to media and not just in the UK.
...I already find it every bit as useful and in many ways more compelling than the required reading in American media, Romenekso.

Linked on Greenslade, and several other journalism blogs: Style Wars in Cyberspace, American Journalism Review article on copy editors who blog.


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