Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week

More hurricane background:
  • A Failure to Communicate: Politics, Scams, and Information Flow During Hurricane Katrina in Searcher. Discussion of Websites, blogs and coverage from two library professionals at Western Washington U.
  • IbisEYE, hurricane forecasting tool (using Google Maps) from Sarasota Herald Tribune. Also has tracks of all Florida-landing storms since 1851.

    The other links:

  • Dictionary of Victorian London

  • Congressional Budget Office report on immigration projections
  • Trafficing in Persons report, 2006 from State Dept.
  • A New Retirement Risk Index from Boston College.

  • IPUMS International, from Minnesota Population Center, is compiling IPUMS individual-level census data from several countries.Just added: Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, and Venezuela. Data is from censuses around the world since 1960.

    Governments, Politics:
  • 2004 Presidential Term Web Harvest from National Archives and Internet Archive, collecting and preserving Federal websites as they existed at end of term.

  • Coalition of Journalists for Open Government with great links page.
  • Nieman Narratives collects great narrative writings, with a searchable database.

  • Create a Graph from Dept. of Education, provides a template with design features to create several types of graphs using your own data.

  • Reuters Labs includes services like Newsbeats (news with music), a dashboard, audio and podcasts, a financial glossary.
  • Terrorism plot indictment from Canada, via Findlaw.
  • Eat the Press: Huffington Post's compilation of media news.

  • Miami-Manhattan mashup, in which Miami Beach is replaced by that other island. Amazingly, it fits perfectly! Was it shrunk? Or does Miami Beach just SEEM smaller?


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