Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Oh how sad. The SS France, once also known as the Norway, is on its way to India to be broken up for scrap.

As the Norway, she was the queen of Miami's harbor for many years. It was a thrill to pass by her in a small boat. Compared to the ugly modern floating skyscrapers there now, she was a sleek blue beauty, even after they added huge upper decks to make her more 'modern'. A 1993 boiler explosion that killed and injured several crew members sealed her fate. (BBC News, via Metafilter.) More from the Miami Herald.

Au Revoir. It was only 1962 that she entered service. Life is short for a super ship.

But this page, about classic liners, says there is one still sailing cruises that's 92 years old. Also on this page: information about another ship I have a fond memory of: SS Rotterdam. We found one of her life rings washed up on a Bahamas island -- South Bimini, I think -- about 20 years ago. Still have it, by the pool, although it's fading...


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