Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What every newspaper should do:

Thanks to The Virtual Chase for the pointer to this South Florida Sun Sentinel story: How to Use Public Records to do a Background Check, with information compiled by researcher and friend Barbara Hijek, a sidebar to Sleuthing May Save You Some Trouble, by Diane Lade.
The list includes mostly local south Florida records, but also tells readers how to get an FBI background check or statewide criminal and driving records. Very useful for readers who may not know this stuff is available.
(And note that this story is on the top of the list of the S-S-'s 'most emailed' list today.)

And, on the subject of what newspapers should do, here's a reminder of how Knight Ridder newspapers once performed that task admirably: Reminders of Knight Ridder at its Best, from the National Writers' Workshop held in Wichita last week.


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