Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend update: Other things found last week:

This blog will be going through some changes in next week or so; stay tuned. I'm hoping to do some redesigns and new additions. The research pages linked at left still need updating and that should be happening soon, too. Meanwhile, check out my photo blog for what I'm seeing away from the computer, including pix from an old car show in town yesterday. More photos on my Flickr site, too.

Among the photos today, a reminder of South Florida and The Miami Herald from little Murphy, NC: Carl Hiaasen/Jimmy Buffet's "Hoot" is playing at the Henn, our 70+-year-old theater, still in operation (and some of those old cars).

The links:

  • Fundamentals of Statistics, free online textbook.
  • Bibliography Database: Organized Crime and Corruption, searchable, from Nathanson Centre. Lots of good links on this site, too.
  • Access to Prisons: a guide to all 50 states' regs, from SPJ.
  • Country Terrorism Reports, 2005, new from State Dept.
  • Library of Congress has added The George Grantham Bain Collection to its old photo archive; this one was an early news agency. I found two photos from Miami, of a 'marine air base' (Opa-Locka?)
  • Holocaust history, facts from Brittanica, includes an image gallery, videos.
  • Financial Bubbles, a history from Harvard's Baker Library.

  • Highway traffic noise in the U.S., new report from FHWA.
  • Fatalities among firefighters, report from CDC covering last 10 years and professional/volunteer forces.
  • Congressional Research Report: Immigration Enforcement Within the United States.
  • National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza from White House.
  • Muslim Charities and the War on Terror: Top Ten Concerns and Status Update from OMB Watch.
  • Cow Sense: The Bush Administration's Broken Record on Mad Cow Disease OMB Watch.
  • Swimming and pathogens, a study of Dutch recreational divers.

  • Immigration Enforcement Within the United States , Congressional Research Services report, PDF. Also: Immigration Statistics on the Web.

    Governments, Politics:
  • Congresspedia: a Wiki of information about Congress, from Sourcewatch at the Center for Media and Democracy.

  • Iraq's Press: A Status Report, from Council on Foreign Relations.

  • AmLaw 100, 2006 ranking of 100 biggest law firms from American Lawyer.

    Public Records:
  • The Palm Beach County sheriff's office now puts mug shots online too.

  • has free downloadable trade publications for 'professionals who qualify'. Included, journals on Internet, Multmedia, Finance, Government, Transportation, lots more.
  • Holocaust Archive from NewspaperArchive, searchable with full-page images.

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • TPM Grand Old Docket is keeping track of scandals, including Abramoff and Boulis trial, with special pages on Kentucky and Ohio scandals.


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