Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Meg Hourihan was one of the people who created Blogger, when it was a product of Pyra Labs and before it was bought by Google. For years I've occasionally read posts on her blog, but was surprised today to find that Megnut has just recently (this month) become a food blog. And a really good one. Check out her posts on comparing fresh and frozen fish, for example, or on the coriander/cilantro debate. On the fish:
When we make a decision to eat seasonal, local food, we give up our ability to control what that food is, to a certain extent.
...Ultimately this experiment failed to determine if flash frozen fish is a good as fresh but it reminded me of the unanticipated pleasures that result from relinquishing total control over my food. The joy of trying a new fish, like sea trout; of savoring something fleeting, like ramps and tiny baby potatoes and just dug asparagus.
The blog is full of great links to other cooking/food blogs, food happenings, book reviews....I'll be reading this one regularly.


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