Saturday, August 13, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
This posting is full of links to reports from think tanks, etc. and awareness of them is due, of course, to the good folks at Resourceshelf and Docuticker, both of which I could never acknowledge enough. In many ways my doing this is pointless because they do such a good job; but I hope I add some value by picking out the things they find that might be most useful for journalists, not just librarians. Kudos to Gary Price and the other editors for helping us researchers look good every day.

The other links:

  • GLBTQ, the Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Culture.
  • A Consumer Guide to Handling Disputes with Your Employer or Private Health Plan, 2005 Update from Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • The Atomic Bomb and the end of WWII: source documents from National Security Archive.
  • Dating Violence among Adolescents, report from RAND corporation.
  • Should the Army use private contractors on the battlefield? RAND study.
  • GoToBus, a guide to bus travel. Has fares, tours, schedules, lots more.
  • Islamic Extremism in Europe, study by Congressional Research Service for Federation of American Scientists. (PDF)
  • Americans driven into debt by medical bills, report from Commonwealth Fund.
  • is a nice guide to worldwide newspapers and magazines online.
  • Paycheck to Paycheck, 2005, study from Center for Housing Policy, compares salaries and housing costs in American cities.
  • American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics report from Congressional Research Service and Federation of American Scientists (PDF; covers American wars back to Revolution, including Operation Iraqi Freedom stats to June 25, 2005.) Includes wounded in action and Some ethnic breakdowns included; also links to other stats/name sources; contact info on state adjutants general for more detail.
    Governments, Politics:
  • tracks lobbying activities, 'revolving door' of politicians and lobbyists, etc.; from Public Citizen.
  • Hired Guns Public Integrity report on state lobbyists, says they're costing nearly $1 billion.
  • Welcome to the United States, a new handbook for immigrants from USCIS.
  • UNC's IBiblio project is now providing server space for audio/video data, including a folklore film archive, a sample swap service for musicians, and space for videobloggers.
  • Economic Policy Institute has issue guides, stats, calculators, etc. on issues important to family finances, market trends, etc.
  • International Insurance Fact Book, lastest edition, organized by country, from III.
  • IFI Transparency Resource from Bank Information Center, has resources for investigating international banking. Includes a link to:
  •, organization for international FOI.
  • Census: county business patterns, new 2003 data.
  • America's highest grossing law firms, annual study from American Lawyer.
  • Marc Glaser writes in OJR about the NYT intiative to involve the newsroom in the Web product.
  • Think of computers as fact finders, article at American Press Institute on how to incorporate Computer Assisted Reporting into beat coverage.
  • Why I don't trust readers, Jack Shafer in Slate.
  • NHTSA report on motorcycle helmets and fatalities in Florida
  • The Systematic Dismantling of the Asbestos Program in Florida, a report from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.


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