Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Even messages have information:

In this case, a couple messages to the NICAR-L message group today had links to some interesting sites:
Dave Carpe, a research consultant, pointed to his site, ResearchZilla, a new online community of researchers. More for 'corporate journalists' as Carpe calls himself, the site may be a bit of a stretch for news researchers, but should be a good place to browse for good links.
Carpe contributed a comment to a discussion of why CAR (Computer Assisted Reporting) might be called something else to appeal more to journalism students:
    "4) my idea, a topical name, like "Journalism and Research" or
    "Research in Journalism" - much more an umbrella term that speaks to
    processes and tools, both analog and digital (if and when relevant)
    ....if i were a student, then that name would be as clear as an
    unmuddied lake, as clear as an azure sky of deepest summer (name that
    movie)..versus "interviewing sources" or "writing compelling pieces" -"

Car Chase, from Chase Davis, a journalism student at U. Mo., journals his attempts at finding new ways to do Computer Assisted Reporting. The last few entries are about hacking Google Maps for deadline reporting. Nice to see this interest in blogging research from a coming journalist.

Looking at the Car Chase page reminded me of some sites I haven't looked at awhile, or are relatively new:
CAR Report, from Mark Schaver, keeps up with news of the CAR world, a nice counterpoint to Derek Willis' The Scoop; The Institute for Analytic Journalism keeps up with the academic side of CAR studies; Matt Waite, who's subsituting for Derek this week on The Scoop, has a new blog of his own; and MoJo Bloggers is a list of bloggers from the Missouri School of Journalism.

The discussion of what to call CAR has been getting lots and lots of postings. From a news librarians' perspective, I like Mike Meiners' take:
    ...Wouldn't it be nice one day if we could just call it 'Reporting' and everyone understood that "CAR" or "Analytical" or "telephone-recorder-notepad-pencil-computer-fax-printer-bottla-wine-at-night assisted reporting" was a natural part of it? "


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