Monday, July 18, 2005

That and a dollar...:
Fascinating story by Paul Boutin in Wired, who met a homeless blogger in the street who turned out to be Jorn Barger. Barger is universally known as the creator of the first Weblog, Robot Wisdom. When some of us noticed recently the blog was back after several months' hiatus, we didn't know Barger had lost his domain because he couldn't afford to renew it. Somehow he is back, though.
Barger told Boutin he'd been carrying a sign that day:
    "Coined the term 'weblog,' never made a dime."


  • This one gets weirder -- a "correction" at Wikipedia:

    Barger has since said that the Boutin article was mostly "fiction." For his part, Boutin published a clarification in his own weblog, saying the headline Wired had chosen might have misled readers into thinking Barger was "living on the street," rather than staying with friends.

    I found the clarification:

    "One important clarification: The article's headline and illustration have misled lots of readers to believe Jorn Barger was living on the street. He was on Andrew Orlowski's futon."

    By Anonymous Sheila Lennon, at 1:01 AM  

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