Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Although it happened late in the week, the London bombing story dominated everything. Besides the links I posted earlier, here and on my Herald blog, a couple more useful resources:
  • Terrorism Knowledge Base has good background material, including info on the possible London bombing suspect.
  • The Counterterrorism Blog is following news and leads.

    The other links....

  • Glossary of Kitchen and Food Terms from Chi Chi's Salsa, includes Latin and other cuisines.
  • McAfee Virtual Criminology Report: North American Study Into Organized Crime and the Internet (PDF).
  • Patient Inform, a new guide to medical research.
  • History Links: a new collection from a librarian at University of Colorado: "Links to Digitized Primary and Secondary Sources from a Variety of Archives around the U.S."
  • Tax Almanac, great guide to tax laws from Intuit, in Wiki format, with pages created by individual experts.
  • Getting medical journals via RSS using PubMed: a quick tutorial, with a link to another tutorial on getting medical journals direct from the journal pages.
  • America's Fastest Growing Cities, latest Census report.
  • The San Jose Mercury News has eliminated separate local section and puts local news in front now; international and national news is in back of the section since they believe readers have already seen that news. Article from Editors Weblog. Here's another analysis from Tim Porter.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • UN Pulse is a service of the Dag Hammerskold Library, blogging news from/about the UN.


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