Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
It's been a sad weekend for me, thinking of what journalism's lost. The days when a reporter like Gene Miller (see previous post) was allowed to spend weeks or even months following trails that might lead to proof that someone was wrongly convicted seem to be far gone. As one commenter on Gene's Guest Book on said, reporters like Bob Woodward who got people sent to jail are not nearly as rare as one who gets them out. Will we ever see the like again? It doesn't look good.

The links....

  • Hurricane Research Division, NOAA.
  • Acronyma finds acronyms in several languages.
  • Air Passenger Opinions on Security Screening Procedures.
  • Newspaper Index Blog about newspaper business and free speech; recent postings list the 100 biggest newspapers in the world by circulation and most popular U.S. newspapers.
  • The new newsroom: Jeff Jarvis posits a new idea about what a newsroom should be. "in the palace to passive-aggression that is the newsroom, resistance to change is made into a religion."
  • The 11 Layers of Community Journalism by Steve Outing.
  • BaristaNet has a study of the media at the Jackson trial by an NPR reporter: The High School Model of Media Heirarchy.
  • Yahoo! Subscription Search lets you search sites that normallly don't come up in Web searches, like Financial Times, Wall St. Journal, NEJM and Consumer Reports (you will still need subscription to read).
    Governments, Politics:
  • Gingrich/Mitchell report on the UN, from U.S. Institute for Peace.
  • Caribbean Development in the 21st Century, a new World Bank report.
  • Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances: a campaign to change provisions of the Patriot Act.
  • America's most unwired cities: Miami/Ft. Laud comes in 20th in percentage of Wi-Fi hotspots, beat out by places like Toledo and Baton Rouge.
  • Housing facts, figures and trends from Natl Assn of Home Builders.
  • The Arms Transfer Database from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
  • Survey of the States: Speeding from Governors Highway Safety Association.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Culture Vulture, a new Guardian blog.
  • New to Sree a 'new Web sites' blog from Columbia U's Sree Sreenivasan (who does a Web column at Poynter, and a newsletter).
  • From Hot Type to Blog, a blog by several 'just grumpy' retired newspaper people -- who all seem to have worked at the Miami News.
  • How to catch internet hoaxes: useful article from Virtual Chase.
  • Reporters Without Borders' blog awards go to a fascinating selection of worldwide blogs: one is Jay Rosen's blog, Pressthink.


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