Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
I didn't get back to posting last week's update because travel and visits took up too much of my time. I did post some things to the NewsliBlog about the SLA conference and just posted some photos from the trip back to my photo blog. Getting to see Toronto was a real treat, although I was only there two days and spent most of the time in the convention center, it is a fascinating city that I'd only spent one night in once before. I always enjoy being in Canada. It just feels good there.

This update includes two week's worth of links although they were fairly slow weeks.

The links....

  • ' the world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols!'
  • NLM: Turning the Pages Natl Library of Medicine now has tchnology the British Library has been using, allowing you to scan copies of rare old medical books.
  • Urban Pavement Conditions are bad in many cities, according to this report from a transportation research group. (The major cities list actually shows Miami roads in better shape than most.)
  • Measuring the impact of crack cocaine a Harvard study.
  • Peace and Conflict 2005 "100-page global report details major trends in armed conflict, self-determination movements, and democracy through the contemporary era, 1946-2004" from Center for International Development & Conflict Management (University of Maryland).
  • Natural Hazards Support System from USGS, has a 'viewer' that maps, monitors hazard events worldwide, including weather watches and hurricane tracks for North America.
  • 11 Most Endangered Historic Places from National Trust. This year's list includes Hemingway's Finca Vigia and Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Bellaire, FL.
  • Healthcare Coverage Database compiles info on available health coverage options by state for those who don't have health insurance.
  • The Guantanamo Report from Southcom. In PDF.
  • Topix has added business news from Forbes. See it at Topix's Financial Services page.
  • MediaBistro Salary Survey on media-related jobs.
  • News is a Conversation: a new blog from the Spokesman Review in Spokane, where readers are invited to have a say on news coverage.
  • Newspaper diversity report: latest version of the Bill Dedman/Steve Doig analysis of newsroom staffs for Knight Foundation.
  • The Times or local? Tim Porter discusses the Greensboro paper's decision to drop the NYT service to cover local news better. Smart move, he says.
  • Want to know just what is listed in the Woodward/Bernstein files sold to UT? Here's the Finding Guide.
  • Small Town Papers has digital archives of several newspapers, mostly Western papers but including the Antigua Sun of St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda.
  • British Library Direct lets you search for and download over 9 million articles for a fee.
  • Utah Death Certificate lookup search by name.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Nixon and the FBI: the White House Tapes from National Security Archive.
    Public Records:
  • A guide to news about privacy breaches in this compilation from Virtual Chase: stories about Choicepoint, latest Citi loss, etc.
  • More traffic accident reports online: Maine; Charlotte-Mecklenberg, NC.
  • Utah Death Certificate lookup search by name.
  • NOAA Storm Tracker brand new, lets you get the updates in a small browser window.
  • Postal Service Databases available on CD or download give more specific ZIP code info, etc.
  • Latest Population Estimates from Census.
  • School Enrollment, 2003: latest Census report.
  • 1890 Census now online.
  • CDC report on emergency rooms says visits increasing, number of ERs decreasing.
  • The rising cost of unemployment, report from Economic Policy Inst. says total unemployment is worse than ever.
  • U.S. WEAPONS AT WAR 2005: PROMOTING FREEDOM OR FUELING CONFLICT? , report on increasing U.S. arms sales from World Policy Institute.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • The Writer's Almanac from the Garrison Keillor radio program.
  • As the World Burns: Mother Jones investigation of ExxonMobil's influence on journalists denying global warming.
  • Herblock's History from the Library of Congress.
  • The Internet Archive has added Lots of 78rpm recordings to their audio archive. Great place to find things like Mitch Miller, Paul Whiteman, The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, classical recordings (Caruso!), voice recordings (Pope Leo XIII!) and more.
  • History and Politics Out Loud has voice recordings from presidents' speeches to Nixon tapes.


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