Thursday, June 02, 2005

Who cares?
That was the title of a posting on my blog at, where I've been posting lots of links and comments on the Deep Throat story. But here's one I didn't link there and I think it's worth posting to this blog: The Myth of Deep Throat, by Barry Sussman. Sussman, who was Woodward & Bernstein's editor on the Watergate stories and who wrote possibly the best book on Watergate, says making a big deal of 'Deep Throat' denigrates the real reporting work done by the Post Reporters:
    Deep Throat barely figured in the Post's Watergate coverage. He was nice to have around, but that's about it.
    The logic behind the Deep Throat myth is confounding. On the one hand, Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein deserve credit for helping uncover the Watergate scandal. No one disputes that. On the other hand, the basic legend is that one of them, Woodward, did little more than show up with a bread basket that Deep Throat filled with goodies.
    Anybody see the conflict here? It can't work both ways. The greater the importance of Deep Throat, the less the achievement of the two reporters.

Sussman, now editor of The Nieman Watchdog, wrote The Great Coverup, which was published before All the Presidents' Men.

In one of the little twists to this story, a Minnesota TV station interviews Kenneth Dahlberg, whose check giving to the Nixon campaign ended up in a Miami bank account of one of the burglars...the story of how Woodward originally located Dahlberg is the Post library's connection to the case......


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