Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Joel does it again:
Leave it to Joel Achenbach to take a brief posting about participating in an online broadcast and distill the whole new media thing into utter simplicity:
    "Mostly we congratulated ourselves on being incredibly digital and bloggy and webby and podcasty. Although there is no evidence yet that anyone was listening, clearly this is the direction the media is going, and someday, maybe just a year or two from now, we'll reach the zenith of communications technology, which is standing on a milk crate on a streetcorner, haranguing pedestrians. [Memo to self: Purchase bullhorn.]"

And I like a reader's comment too: "What you should think about doing is a live blog, like sit in the window of the Post building on 15th with your computer and type. People could stand outside with signs and wave them, though I don't suppose it would do them any good."


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