Thursday, May 19, 2005

New and interesting:
I was thinking I'd posted this yesterday, but with three blogs and a newsroom intranet to post to, I can't always keep track of what I've posted where.
At any rate, this is something worth looking at:, a database of reported crimes in Chicago, updated daily, sortable, with RSS feeds and links to the incident site on Google maps. The data comes from an official CPD database.What a service; something newspapers should be doing. The proprieter wanted to remain anonymous and says only that he is a 'web developer with a background in journalism and databases, but today he's been outed on E-Media Tidbits: he's Adrian Holovaty, and creator of the web design site (where he outs himself), as well as the Web genius behind Lawrence (Kansas).com who also worked with Cox and other newspapers. Note also linked on his site: a combination of Google Maps with Chicago Transit maps.

Also cool:
  • keeps track of what your senator or congressperson is doing; daily updated lists of bills and legislation, and an RSS feed.
  • Buzztracker shows you where in the world the most news is coming from. Top news when I first looked yesterday: Baghdad and Teheran (Washington DC 4th on the list); no news at all from Miami but Regina, Saskatchewan is on the top 10 list -- because the Queen is visiting.
  • SAFER: truck industry databases let you put in the DOT number of a truck and get safety, ownership records (under 'company profile'), or find info on a trucking company. There is a $20 fee. (Via Al Tompkin's Morning Meeting.)


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