Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
I've finished Buzz Merritt's book, Nightfall, about Knight Ridder and the failure of modern journalism. Fascinating book, especially to someone like me who watched the events in KR as an employee for nearly 24 years. Merritt had an inside edge since he was a KR editor (of the Wichita Eagle) for the entire period of KR's corporate changes, from the 1975 merger of the Knight and Ridder newspaper chains to the ascendance of Tony Ridder in 1989 and beyond, and before that worked at other Knight papers and the Washington bureau.
Merritt is especially disturbed over the loss of Jim Batten, who as Knight Ridder CEO, assured that the standard of journalistic excellence over profits, inherited from the Knights, would remain the modus operandi in the merged company. Batten's untimely death in 1995 from a brain tumor destroyed that and was the end of the Knight influence on the company, populated by many more Ridders than Knights.
I'm still thinking about the book and what it projects about the future of newspapers, and will have more to say and some quotes in coming days.

The links....

  • Balseros, multi-media exhibit on the Cuban Rafter Phenomenon from UM.
  • Names, Expectations and the Black-White Test Score Gap, fascinating-sounding study from UF.
  • The Status of Muslim Civil Rights in the United States 2005 from CAIR; the number of incidents increased in 2004 significantly.
  • The Effects of Reserve Call-Ups on Civilian Employers from CBO.
    Governments, Politics:
  • U.S. Courts map: don't know what circuit you need? Check this map, which links to the courts' websites.
  • U.S. Govt RSS feeds a directory from FirstGov.
  • Company Profiles from Yahoo! Finance now have corporate governance ratings from Institutional Shareholder Services. Information page.
  • Dogpile has been redesigned and has some new features, including a way to compare results from different search engines, or to highlight results that are missing from some engines.
  • Cambridge Dictionaries Online includes an 'American English' dictionary.
  • 2005 Mobility Report from TAMU. Reports the latest in traffic congestion. Congestion Data for Your City.
    Public Records:
  • At least two states are now putting Traffic accident reports online: New Mexico; and Arkansas.
  • New York Charities Bureau Registration search: check a charity to see if it's listed in NY.
  • Florida Compliance Stop Work Order Database finds employers who have not paid Workers' Compensation claims. Story in S. Fla Biz Jnl.
  • The Best of Photojournalism, 2005.
  • The State of the News Media 2005 from Project for Excellence in Journalism.
  • Gallup Poll RSS: get the latest polls in your newsreader.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • The Huffington Post, a group blog with celebrities from Arianna, includes Harry Shearer's 'Eat the Press' column.
  • Home from Iraq: fascinating column by Molly Bingham of the NY Times, on how it is working in Iraq and how difficult it is to even cover the insurgency there.
  • Sprol blog uses satellite photos to illustrate what urban sprawl and pollution is doing.


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