Wednesday, June 29, 2005

For public records junkies:
BRB Publications, longtime publisher of public records directories, has had a useful online directory for awhile too. They also have had a directory of public records retrievers you can hire to get records from courthouses where they're not online.
Now BRB has revamped their Web offerings, and now announce the BRB Public Record Resouce Finder. It's a giant directory of all the public records online, as well as the retriever directory and much, much more, from phone number directories to Social Security databases to VIN decoders. The listings always point to the books (in book or CD format), but each one has at least some useful online link.
Some of the listings may be a bit less than useful: the military links point mostly to the official pages, eg from the Air Force, but don't help if you're looking for something more specific, like those elusive personnel records we can rarely find.
But BRB has created something to add to our arsenals of public records directories, like those from Search Systems, NETRonline, and Merlin. (Sometimes you'll have to look in all of them to find a particular local record you need....)

(Added later): Note, I just took a look at my Public Records Links page (linked on the left) and noticed it was shockingly out of date. Apparently I somehow found an older version still sitting on my hard drive and posted it instead, the last time I updated. It's fixed now. If you've tried to use it and found it lacking in last few weeks, that's why. Sorry.


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