Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blog casualty:
Sad to see the end of South Knox Bubba, a blog I've been enjoying for a couple years now. 'Bubba' had lots to say about national politics and what was going on in his community (Knoxville, TN area); his photos (especially the Friday Bird Blogging) were a joy, and he was also responsible for gathering Tennessee bloggers into the 'Rocky Top Brigade'. One less link on the blogroll.

In better blog news, Sheila Lennon's Subterranean Homepage Blues blog on the Providence Journal site is now a real blog using Moveable Type. This means there are now comments on her blog, and the blog will show up in Web searches at its original site (and not sites of other Belo papers). For years Sheila's been hand-coding her blog, just as I used to do on my Herald blog before they moved it to Blogspot. I'm hoping for a better solution too, a real Type Pad blog on, but no word yet.


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