Saturday, August 06, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
I've been posting links to stories, columns, blog comments on the Miami Herald/Teele suicide/Jim DeFede firing on the Infomaniac blog on choose the 'journalism' category to see them all.

The other links:

  • AskSam has John Robert's opinions and the King James Bible in searchable databases. You need to download the new AskSam reader and the databases.
  • Islam: a Primer from Congressional Research Service.
  • Project CORK from Dartmouth, has a database of resources on substance abuse.
  • Student Reports of Bullying from the 2001 School Crime Supplement (SCS) to the National Crime Victimization Survey.
  • Fuel Economy Trends, 1975-2005, for cars and light trucks; from EPA.
  • The Meth Epidemic in the U.S. from Natl Assn of Counties.
  • Machers 'the ulitmate Jewish Website', with an 'ultimate Jewish search engine'.
  • Nuclear weapon data from Carnegie Endownment's Proliferation Project.
  • Wild Finder from WWF, has a map database of 30,000 species worldwide.
  • U.S. Government Memos on Torture and International Law, PDFs of actual memos from Human Rights First.
  • Traffic Safety Annual Results, early data, 2004 DoT release the first FARS (traffic fatalities) data for 2004 (PDF), showing a decrease in deaths.
  • Hispanic Women at Work new report from La Raza.
  • Facts on Hispanics for Hispanic Heritage Month, from Census.
    Governments, Politics:
  • has links to states, including latest news, local governments, agencies by topic, lots more. Here's Florida.
  • National Assn of Counties has lots of stats, find a county link, and links to Capitol Impact, a government gateway with links to agencies, data, etc.
  •, a new phone number finder, includes an email search.
  • Think all search engine results are alike? Read this. (And note, Dogpile has just redesigned and now searches the four major search engines.
  • MammaHealth, a new search engine for health searches. (Searching: eMedicine Health, Health AtoZ,, Medem,, MedlinePlus, NHSDirect Online, and WebMD).
  • Census Quickfacts: place lookup; put in a ZIP or placename and find county, state.
  • PDF Online will create free PDFs for you; create a file in HTML, Word, Excel, etc. and send it in; your PDF will be mailed back to you. Site will also convert PDF to HTML or other format.
  • Small Business Profiles for the states and territories from SBA.
  • 100 most powerful women from Forbes.
  • Florida's Disaster Recovery, numbers from FEMA.
  • Florida Historical Legal Documents includes collections on the Caribbean, Florida, arts, horticulture and more. Includes the Miami Metropolitan Archive (early City of Miami City Council meeting minutes, charters, departmental annual reports, and urban planning documents from 1896 to 1966).

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Michael Barone blogs on the USNews site.
  • Beltway Blogroll, from National Journal, posts news from DC blogs (and others).
  • On Achenblog: Joel's editor Sydney Trent threatens to KILL THE BLOG, readers react in horror.

  • Feeding America: a historic cookbook collection at MSU.


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