Sunday, June 06, 2004

Weekend update:
Not a lot this week, and you've probably already seen this stuff on Resourceshelf or elsewhere.
I'm having connection problems (DNS errors) so haven't been able to get online a lot. Not sure what's going on, the connection was perfect until Friday.

The links:
  • A Family in Baghdad writes about their life. Also: Pictures in Baghdad from a couple of the family members.
  • Quotation and Proverb Search from Michael Fagan, searches 50 Web-based quotations collections.
  • Baseball Scorecard includes a tutorial in scoring.
  • Meta-efficient: a guide to the most efficient things in the world.
  • 2004 hurricane forecast from Prof. Gray.
  • Federal contractor misconduct database from Project on Government Oversight.
  • State Education Reform a guide and resource directory from Dept. of Ed.
  • D-Day heroes online British Archives site on 600 cited heroes of WWII. Site will list 12,000 eventually.
  • NYT archive, 1851-1995 now has advanced search available.
  • Back to Iraq 3.0 Christopher Allbritton returns to Iraq and blogs the trip.


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