Sunday, May 30, 2004

Weekend update: Other things I found this week:
A lovely story in the Miami Herald yesterday on local Iraq war veterans: How combat reshaped seven lives, by Phil Long and Dan De Vise. There's not enough pixels or paper to tell all the stories that could be told on Memorial Day, whether of soldiers living or dead. This one's pretty special, though. More photos and audio are online.

Also in The Herald today: Dave Barry reports from the set of his new movie, Complete Guide to Guys. And:
Continuing coverage of the tragic floods in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

I'm away for a couple weeks (including attending the Special Libraries' Assn. conference in Nashville next week). Posting will continue during this time but maybe not as often. I'll also try to post during the conference to the NewsliBlog, where others may contribute too.
The links....

Reference :
  • Amnesty International Report, 2004 including country reports.
  • National Military Strategy of the U.S., 2004: Report from Joint Chiefs.
  • Iraq Index: security, economic data compiled by Brookings Institution.
  • Economic History Services has lots of great information, including historical databases, How Much is That?, value-of-money calculators, including value of GDP in previous years, UK earnings and prices, and purchasing price of U.S. dollar back to 1665; also, an Encyclopedia of Economic History.
  • UV Index Search: put in a city or ZIP code and see today's index. From EPA.
  • All About Birds: a great resource from Cornell, including an Online bird guide.
  • TV Show Database from Yahoo, a quick way to find dates/info on a televison show. Links to other sources, too, check 'Related Links' tab on each show's page. Refers to series' home page, IMDB , etc. Here's an interesting one:
  • TV Tome has detailed guides on individual shows, production/schedule information, and links to background on what's on tonight.
  • Wedding industry research: a guide from Library of Congress.
  • Military Clipart and Media: downloadable images, etc. from Navy.
  • Government Views of D-Day 1944 compiled by CUNY library, has lots and lots of links to D-Day sites.
  • Diseases Database: described as "a cross-referenced index of human disease, medications, symptoms, signs, abnormal investigation findings etc".
  • Surfer Cams and Forecasts from Surfer magazine.
  • NCCA Statistics: a database of championships throughout NCAA history.
  • The Way We Eat Now: history of obesity and modern diet from Harvard magazine.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Dems Democratic National Convention 2004.
  • Republican National Convention 2004.
  • Political Database of the Americas: this has been around for a long time but it's gotten much bigger and better. Lots of good links by country, to things I haven't seen before. From Georgetown.
  • Campaign Search audio search finds news, ads, other broadcast campaign info. Also links to latest (text) news from the Kerry and Bush campaign sites and other sites covering campaign.
  • Preliminary U.S. crime statistics, 2003 from FBI
  • Living Together a new Brookings study on racial and ethnic integraton in 10 largest metro areas.
  • Earnings by Occupation and Education: new Census report comparing by state and sex.
  • Map 24: this new mapping service beats the others by a mile, if you want to get an understanding of the area around a place or address. Click on the hand to pan the map. Much faster/easier than clicking and waiting for page to reload. It also zooms in and out easy, and features names move as you pan. (via Sheila Lennon)
  • AP studies morgue reports and finds 5,500 dead in Iraq: first confirmed report of civilian deaths.
  • has a database of news images only, from wires and newspaper/magazine sites.
  • Search WW II Registry at National Memorial. (Or add a name.)
  • How bloggers are changing media from OJR.
  • Dealing with Shocking Images: good collection of links to discussion of this topic compiled by Dave Shedden at Poynter.
  • Tim Porter reports on Newspaper executives' compensation. CEOs make 36 TIMES what a reporter makes?
    Florida, Business, Public Records: no links this week

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Media Drop: a blog on media.
  • Dan Froomkin on blogs and online: says online news media must begin to incorporate them, and stories should have links.
  • Bush Sr.'s Iran-Iraq Secrets by Robert Parry at Consortium News.
  • Julia Set: a blog from the Parsons School of Design with some fun links.
  • Bloggers4Freedom: links to blogs from Iraq, by Iraqis, soldiers, more.
  • The Durham Herald Sun is offering free blogs to all local candidates. Some have taken them up (names with hyperlinks). What a great idea!
  • Camera/Iraq a site devoted to images from/about the war. Phototalk is collecting links to soldiers' photos online.

  • Visual Collections: Images of Art, History and Culture from David, which has had a great map collection online for a long time.
  • Early Comics Archive: covers ancient history to 1929.
  • Window Seat: Reading the landscape from the air: fascinating.
  • How to make friends by telephone from 1940. (via Boing Boing)


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