Thursday, June 03, 2004

Blog news:
Sad to say, another journalist gives up blogging. Tom Mangan has retired his Prints the Chaff blog. Tom, how could you? I relied on you for cool links to editors' blogs. Now will I have to read them all myself? Tom says he can't blog at 33k bps. Hmm. How rural can that be? I'm in the far western Smokies area and getting 52k. Blogging is a little slower. I need to get my RSS reader loaded with more blogs so I can go faster. But actually, it's messaging back and forth to work that's taking most of the time.....

A couple interesting new blog things:
  • Autoblog about the auto industry.
  • Mark Cuban is counting refs' calls in the NBA playoffs.
    (both via JD Lasica).


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