Saturday, February 28, 2004

Weekend update: Other things I found this week:

More links on the big topics of the week: I have already posted a lot of Haiti links here, and have added more to the reference links, and a lot of reaction on same-sex marriage and The Passion on the Herald blog, but here are even more interesting things on these topics I ran across during the week:

  • Bob Graham on Haiti: Wash. Post oped piece.
  • Directory of organizations working in/for Haiti: long list with contacts, phone numbers, Web sites, from Haiti Reborn.
  • Haiti's rebel leaders: profiles in
  • Haiti's Lawyer: Ira Kurzban, in this profile from Democracy Now.
  • The Progress Report has Haiti news links, analysis.
  • MADRE (campaign for women)'s backgrounder on Haiti with criticism of anti-Duvalier (that's Aristide!) leaders.
  • Narco News on Haiti: discusses various scenarios for Haiti's problems, including the drugs issue.

    Same Sex Marriage:
  • State-by-State same-sex marriage laws from Stateline.
  • Bush's war on gay marriage: the first of several joint Rolling Stone/Salon investigative stories. Also on Salon site, but need to subscribe or read ads.
  • Alliance for Marriage has text of proposed federal marriage amendment. Thoughts on the amendment as written from Jack Baklin, Constitutional Law prof. at Yale.
  • Lots of background info on same-sex marriages on Canadian site,

    And, on the Mel Gibson Passion movie:
  • Crucifixion in Antiquity: a historical study.
  • Why is it called The Passion? Historical explainer in Slate.

    More useful links....

    Reference :
  • The Phrase Finder has origins, definitions of over 2000 English phrases. Searchable.
  • National Institute for Sports Reform
  • Leap Year: how it works.
  • Air Force Stats database from recent issue of Airman magazine, has military strength, bases, pay, grades, lots more.
  • A Visual Dictionary of Fashion
  • Time Life Images: galleries show some of 425,000 images available for licensing.
  • American history picture collection
  • Fagan Finder's Google Interface gives you advanced Google search features from one search form. (Via Hidden Google Tools, article by Mary Ellen Bates on AskSam's Web site.)
  • Sort by Date: new news/blog search lets you get date you want.
  • JiWire Wi-Fi Hotspots Database: find wireless connections nationwide. A downloadable version is available for PDAs and cel phones. This seems to be best of all the directories I've tried, it finds 8 sites within 2 miles of my ZIP code in Miami, mostly Starbucks and Mail Boxes Inc. sites. But it doesn't find the public library with Wi-Fi in my NC town, so this may only list commercial Wi-Fi. I also tried the Google Labs' location search, which many people are recommending as a good way to search for Wi-Fi connections, but find it gets an awful lot of false hits.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Electing a President: nice explainer from Detroit Free Press. First of several?
  • The best campaign interactives: Cyberjournalist' s list of Campaign 2004 news sites.
  • Security companies doing business in Iraq from State Dept.
  • Foreign Terrorist Organizations: latest report for Congressional Research Service.
  • FCC Search Tools: search FCC's website.
  • 2003 Human Rights Reports from Dept. of State.
  • environmental news. Also: A Bright, Great Bay: PDF of report on history of the Bay from Biscayne Bay Partnership.
  • CUES: Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions: site of FAU's Anthony Catanese Center, has S. Fla. development news.
  • Seisint's MATRIX is still out there: Florida ACLU asks people to petition the Legislature against it.
  • World's richest people, from Forbes.
  • NHL/CBA News: collective bargaining news from the NHL.
  • Most stolen cars, by state from National Insurance Crime Bureau.
    Public Records:
  • South Carolina State Salary Database on the Columbia State's Web site.
  • Secret No More: an activist releases FBI file names to make it easier for people to do FOIA requests...Also: FBI Central Records System file classifications.
    Journalism, Business: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Elmore Leonard's 10 rules for writers.
  • Castro's game of chicken in Slate.
  • The coming RSS revolution in Forbes.
  • Hiawatha Bray: the Boston Globe's technology writer has a blog.
  • Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails, with a Women's History Month theme.


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