Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Random finds:
  • Good links on the Diebold voting system problems in a nice summary on the CS Monitor library's LibLog blog.
  • Web helps compete in community publishing: story in Cyberjournalist about newspaper Web sites doing innovative things.
  • EBituaries cached Web pages from e-commerce failures: the announcements of Web site deaths. (via USA Today).
  • Blogrunner this tool pulls news from blogs and categorizes it.
  • Bloglines RSS reader, Web-based, no software required.
  • Tom Mangan on RSS summary and good links.

    And (added at 3:45): Jenny Levine on The Spartanburg Herald-Journal's latest blogging effort) (with breaking news! and an RSS feed! But registration required).
    And: A new Blogrunner feed on libraries (via Steven Cohen's Library Stuff).


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