Saturday, October 18, 2003

Weekend update: The weekly reference collection/research gleanings:

This week's links (and every week's) could not have been produced without the great resources provided by lots of unselfish people whose sites I faithfully read, knowing they'll show me things I didn't know. To me this is the power of blogging: having access to others' thoughts and knowledge.
Of course this list includes people like Gary Price, from whom I steal several good resources (like statistical reports and studies) every week. I've been getting great tips on new public records resources from the Virtual Chase newsletter from Genie Tyburski. I find great investigative and CAR news reports from Derek Willis' The Scoop. Romenesko provides media stories, and Al's Morning Meeting useful links for covering specific stories. Yahoo's What's New, and USA Today's daily Web links page often provide fun stuff. I also find fun and interesting things from group blogs like Metafilter and Boing Boing, and personal blogs like IDO3 and Presurfer. I get several emails a week from various information resources like LII and Scout Report, and also check lots of journalists and librarians' blogs, as well as some you might not expect.

I don't always cite the source where I found these links, and I'm not going to create links here to each of the citations above. But know that the ones I read and use most are always linked in the left-hand column here (some of the journalist blog links rotate). My much fuller blog list has most of the blogs I read regularly; some daily, some weekly, some less frequently. The list of What's New? resources lists some of the more traditional sources, and the public records sources are on the Public records page.
One of these days I'll compile everything into a better, more organized list.
But I want to give away all my secrets?

I discussed what blogging means to me a little on my Herald blog yesterday; and the list of wonderful resources mentioned above is proof that for me, blogging is linking. So, at that:

The useful links....

Reference :
  • Jewish Encyclopedia: "This website contains the complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906."
  • History of the World Series from Sporting News. Choose a year from pull-down menu on left.
  • United Nations Research Guide from Mississippi State U. library.
  • The Quilt Index the place to go for research on quilts, covering collections nationwide.
  • Deb's Historical Research page: Amazing collection of links to sites with info on daily life in past centuries.
  • Palestinian news & opinion Web sites: nice collection from Online Journalism Review's Mark Glaser.
  • Virgina Pilot sniper trial coverage is being directly posted from courtroom to blog via wireless.
  • Presidential Campaign 2004: Newsbank compiles stories from the many newspapers they archive.
  • "Wilsongate"? Here's a good collection of stories and links on the Wilson/Plame/CIA leak question, compiled by a blogger.
  • Resources on chronic pain and medication addiction collected by Poynter.
  • The Antarctic Sun: the first newspaper from (way) down under.
  • Math test for journalists from IRE.
  • ACES online quizzes: test your knowledge.
    Governments, Politics:
  • 2004 Presidential Election Profiles from Center for Responsive Politics, campaign finance stats.
  • Bolivian Government: official page. Presidency page, however, is down.
  • Maine Memory has historical files and photographs. Searchable.
  • Bloogz searches Weblogs and RSS feeds in several languages.
  • Central Ops offers several geek tools including email search, and a domain name search recommended by Gary Price.
    Public Records:
  • has links to offender searches nationwide. Here's another good list at The Virtual Chase. Also via Virtual Chase:
  • New address for Idaho corrections search
  • Michigan crimial record search from state police. Must register; there's a fee. People:
  • Political Biographies of world leaders, in Spanish, from Fundació Cidob in Barcelona. Good long profiles. (link found via Zarate's Political Collections, classic info on political leaders.)
  • this site provides information on product recalls by category. (It also has political recalls.)
    Florida, Statistics: No links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • U.S. Vote 2004 Guardian Web log will discuss U.S. Election 2004.
  • On the Map, out of Touch: Tim Porter provides reason why endorsing a candidate in a statewide election might not be useful for a urban-center newspaper.
  • CosBlog: Weblog of Cosmo Macero, Boston Herald columnist.
  • Iraq War Blog from a military viewpoint. Nice photos.
  • Esquire's greatest stories ever told: celebrating their 70th anniversary. Their pick for greatest: Gay Talese's Frank Sinatra has a cold. That's a good one, but my pick is the Junior Johnson story by Tom Wolfe. That one impressed me a lot....back in 1965....
  • Also: 70 years of Esquire covers
  • Man steals identity -- of a sex offender. Fun story from
  • Famous Fonts: get fonts based on company logos, rock-group publicity, TV shows and more.
  • Apple's ITunes for Windows now available for download.
  • The Open Video Project: public domain videos available for download.
  • British Pathe Archive now has stills pulled from years (1896-1970) of archived newsreel films. This site has been nearly unavailable since the recent announcment (moving images were made available a couple years ago) and is still slow.


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