Wednesday, October 15, 2003

We're excited:
The Marlins have made it to the 7th game of the National League Championships, and we can't believe it. Fun story from AP on Florida offering asylum to the Wrigley fan who may have interfered with foul ball... Also, an online poll on on what Floridians want to say to him.

(Interestingly, The Sun-Times identified him, most papers didn't.)

BTW, New Yorkers are bummed about the Oct. 8 NYTimes editorial hoping for a Red Sox/Cubs series ; maybe the fact that The Times company is part owner of the Boston team had something to do with it?.
But Marlins fans are teed off more about this part:
"...Florida Marlins, a team for which it is hard to muster much enthusiasm if you're a baseball traditionalist. The Marlins, a major league team only since 1993, were essentially an artificial construct. The team's original owner, Wayne Huizenga, dismantled it after it won a championship in 1997 because the team was too expensive, then sold it in 1999. Improbably, the team finds itself knocking on the door again with a cast of largely low-paid youngsters."
Umm....that's the point, isn't it? A team of unknowns making it to the playoffs? Underdog wins? We're all cheering here.

On Herald Blog today: more voting machine questions, Terri Schiavo and a DC sniper trial blog.


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