Thursday, October 09, 2003

Back in the heat:
It's not quite as hot in Miami as it was before I left, but still in the high 80s/low in high 70s. In the 20-some years I've been here, though, we've usually not had a break in the weather til after Columbus Day weekend. So hanging on for a little while longer.

I've posted on money, food, and another candidate blog on the Herald blog.

While I was gone, a bit of discussion on various blogs about bloggers at the Tampa Tribune who seemed to all shut down their blogs at once. Were they all told not to? A good recap of the situation at JD Lasica's new blog site.

Every blogger on the planet linked to this last week:
But just in case you missed it, Nieman Reports published a huge takeout on blogging and journalism (pages 59-98 in this PDF of the entire issue). (There are links to separate articles in this posting on JD's site.)


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