Tuesday, October 07, 2003

And more...
Lots of buzz about the Journey to Vatican III blog at the Spokesman Review. I'm a little suprised at how many Catholic blogs there are out there, although I have been occasionallly reading Relapsed Catholic for a couple years now, I'm intrigued by some of these Saintly Salmagundi...fascinating stuff, especially for someone like me whose world was rocked by Vatican II.

If you haven't checked out blogging at the Spokesman Review, see the Blogging blog where you can get daily summaries of what's new on all their blogs.

The Slot's Bill Walsh has another blog, Off-Topic. Another link from Tom Mangan's Prints the Chaff. And via Walsh, a link I've been meaning to post, to one of my fave TV personalities, Alton Brown's blog (but Alton hasn't updated since July, so why bother?). And on the way, Mangan has an interesting post with a code of conduct for newspaper bloggers.

And by the way...still in upstate NY, the apple trees are loaded and the grapes are delicious, including the grape pie from Naples. The apple cider is to die for. Just thought you'd want to know. And temps in the 30s at night are a real treat after Miami, although the breezy 50s during the day make it a little hard to spend much time on the Lake Ontario shore.....

(Added at 11:00 am:) Some Bob Graham links on Herald blog.


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