Sunday, September 28, 2003

Spanish help:
The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has a great resource on its Web site: Using Spanish Words in English Publications. Extremely useful, especially for editors at a paper (like ours) that needs to use accents and diacritical marks correctly. I didn't know there were names for words with different types of accents: They are: Agudas (ah-GOO-dahs), words with accent on last syllable, like : alacrán, francés, sofá; Graves (GRAH-vays), words with accent on the penultimate syllable, For example, ámbar or Túnez; Esdrújulas (ess-DRU-who-las), with accent on the antipenultimate syllable, like matemáticas; and Sobresdrújulas (so-brays-DRU-who-las), like preséntamelo.
This is just one chapter of a larger Latinos in the U.S. Resource Guide, but I couldn't find a way to get to an introductory page. There are links to other chapters on this page, though. Included are a list of Hispanic/Latino organizations, lots more.


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