Monday, October 20, 2003

NICAR madness:
Lots of fun today on the NICAR-L computer assisted reporting listserv, after Derek Willis posted a link to his Web page with a searchable database of who's posting to the listserv. Nice description of how the project was done, too.
Mentioned in the discussion: Derek also has an XML blog with news about the use of XML/RSS in journalism. It's pretty obvious this is needed, as one poster on NICAR-L commented that he searched the archives and found not one mention of XML.

In other blogging news:
Users of some blogging software (especially Moveable Type, it seems) are concerned about some of the hotshot features. "Comment Spam" is getting to be a big problem: although the comment feature in some blogs is a wonderful thing, spammers have figured out how to ruin it with obnoxious or pornographic messages. Another handy feature, Trackback (which finds postings related to a posting, is skewing Google searches, some believe. The creators of Moveable Type have lots to say about these on the Six Log, Web site of Six Apart.
(Sometimes, reading this stuff, I'm glad I have simple no features Blogspot.)


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