Thursday, July 03, 2003

Eve of the 4th
...and trying to figure out whether to face the highways this weekend. At any rate, will probably not be blogging for a few days. The weekly update will probably be combined into next week's but meanwhile, the most interesting things out there this week:
  • Whatever happened to Max Cleland? The defeated Ga. senator is bitter about the state of American government. In Wash. Post.
  • Picking workers' pockets NYT's Bob Herbert on new proposed labor regs eliminating overtime for many workers.
  • How to keep up on news about search engines and comparisions, article in LLRX.
  • Re-thinking objectivity fascinating article in Columbia Journalism Review.
  • What presidents did on the Fourth of July Every president, every year. Impressive project by an AU librarian.
  • Article discussing value of online news archives in Searcher magazine.
  • has a searchable database of marinas around the world.
  • The National Map from USGS, has nationwide geospatial data, including infrastructure data. Straight to the map viewer.
  • new govt site for acquiring maps and map data.
  • Postmaster Finder finds all post offices and postmasters since 1986, and many from before that, going back many years in some cases.
    Happy Independence Day!


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