Saturday, February 08, 2003

The weekly update: War, tragedy, and spelling:
Yesterday The Herald had a story announcing that since sponsorship of the annual Spelling Bee had been dropped, there'd be no Bee this year. What a reaction! This story raised more ire than any I remember in quite awhile. Today, The Herald reports new sponsors have been found.
It's gratifying to know that people care so much about spelling. Shows there's still a future for readers and writers, if not for newspapers. (Let's hope that goes for researchers too.)

Oh, yes, and also in The Herald today: while we weren't looking, we've been invaded.

There's more in the news than I want to read about possible war with Iraq this week, but some useful sources:
  • War with Iraq: Costs, Consequences and Alternatives from American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Iraq: Map sources Congressional Research report.
  • Report for Congress: Potential military operations in Iraq Congressional Research report dated 1/13/03.
  • Colin Powell's remarks to Security Council
  • The body bag story by Sydney Freedberg in St. Pete Times. And then, of course, The Navy needs morticians.
  • Interview with Saddam Hussein by former British cabinet member Tony Benn.

    Although I've collected shuttle links all week, I won't be posting here yet. Leave that to the linksmeisters at Poynter and IRE and Journalists' Toolbox, for now. But, as an example of how we manage to commercialize everything:
  • Columbia tiles, newspapers, etc. for sale on E-Bay

    And more useful links....


  • Dictionary of Units of Measurement
  • Physics and Astronomy Reference from
  • Yesterland Disney history.
  • Disability Resources from
  • Sports Illustrated Covers going back 50 years...
  • Centropa: Jewish history in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Bug Bytes: want to know what different insects sound like?
  • Spain, The United States, and The American Frontier: Historias Paralelas from Library of Congress and National Library of Spain.
  • Federal Lobby Directory new easier-to-use search for lobbyists from PoliticalMoneyLine.
  • New TRAC report on Federal judges and sentencing patterns.
  • Buying of the President, 2004 financial disclosure of possible candidates, from Center for Public Integrity.
  • U.S. Budget, 2004.
  • 2002 Census of Governments
  • OZ Guide Internet directory for Australian Journalists. (New address).
  • Nora Paul on Shuttle coverage in (related to her Digital Storytelling project).
  • Another gallery of shuttle coverage (see also the one at Poynter) from Cyberjournalist.
  • What Liberal Media? First chapter of this new book by Eric Alterman is online. Amazon entry.
  • Air Travel Consumer Report, 2002 from Aviation Consumer Protection Division of DoT.
  • Dade County Reform Coalition (election reform).
  • The Water Barons huge international report from Center for Public Integrity's International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
    Public Records
  • Miami-Dade Criminal and Civil Infractions
    People, Statistics: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • More on Weblogs for rookies: History of Weblogs by Dave Winer.
  • Country Joe is collecting new lyrics to "Feel-like-I'm-fixin-to-die rag". (Joe's main page.
  • Home Despot Shop. Destroy. Rule. "We sell, you conquer".
  • Mirror Project photos in mirrors.


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