Friday, February 07, 2003

Librarians and newspapers?
Steven Cohen, of Library Stuff, has this to say about newspapers today:
Newspapers? Bah!!
Every morning, my wife and I browse through the newspaper. I immediately turn to the sports section, while she reads the comics. If there is enough time, then I might actually read a few articles in the main section, but that only happen once a week (at most). Ironically, I recently read an article about the "younger generation" not relying on newspapers for news; rather, they are reading news online.
They might as well have splashed the words "Duh" as the headline. Of course they are going on the Web for news. Its easier, its more current, and its hip. Some teenagers wouldn't be caught dead reading the New York Times in print format (the sunday edition probably woudn't fit in their backpack anyway). Who can blame them. Duh!

(Note: was this the Newsday article discussed in this Tim Porter/First draft entry?)


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