Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bush and Vietnam

Following up on yesterday's post, more refutations of Bush's comparison of Iraq to Vietnam:
In the New York Times, Historians Question Bush’s Reading of Lessons of Vietnam War for Iraq.
“It is undoubtedly true that America’s failure in Vietnam led to catastrophic consequences in the region, especially in Cambodia,” said David C. Hendrickson, a specialist on the history of American foreign policy at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.
“But there are a couple of further points that need weighing,” he added. “One is that the Khmer Rouge would never have come to power in the absence of the war in Vietnam — this dark force arose out of the circumstances of the war, was in a deep sense created by the war. The same thing has happened in the Middle East today. Foreign occupation of Iraq has created far more terrorists than it has deterred.”

In FireDogLake, Bush Tries to Sell the Neocon’s Favorite Vietnam Myth:
David Gergen put his finger on the greater blunder of drawing the Vietnam parallel: “If you learned so much from history, Mr. President, how did you get us involved in another quagmire?” Vietnam reminds Americans of the quagmire, a lost war and 58,000 dead Americans.

And, via The Guardian's Newsblog, a link to a Keith Olbermann commentary from last year: Olbermann: Lessons from the Vietnam War. Can't beat this one:
The fourth pivotal lesson of Vietnam, Mr. Bush: If the same idiots who told Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon to stay there for the sake of “peace With honor” are now telling you to stay in Iraq, they’re probably just as wrong now, as they were then ... Dr. Kissinger.

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