Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When journalism was king

Among the still-proliferating tributes to David Halberstam, here's something totally different: Doonesbury has posted a series of strips from 1979, in which Halberstam interviews Rick Redfern about his membership in the fraternity of 'giants of journalism'.
It brings back memories of the heady days of post-Watergate hubris, when journalism was where everyone wanted to be. Remember? Thank goodness we got over that, but sad to think how much things have turned around. Isn't there a middle ground?

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  • Your BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) is showing again, Liz. Meanwhile the veto of the Iraq Surrender bill is causing the Left to become unglued. This also has some really bad consequences for your congressman, Heath Shuler. You can read all about it in the latest edition of the DUmmie FUnnies.

    By Blogger PJ-Comix, at 9:44 AM  

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