Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend update: More research links from the week

Several good new reference links this week, including a new database of science/health experts, some new public records, and a new health portal.
Speaking of health, here are some reports out this week that show what many consumers are dealing with:

Housekeeping note: I've added some new links to the site to try to add to the ad revenue, including the search, above. I haven't yet converted this site to the new Blogger layout, but did redo the HighlandsCam photo blog this week. Still tweaking the layout, and will probably make some more changes here before long. So if you see something unusual here, it may just be a test.

The other links:

  • On Sports, and sports coverage, blog from a Florida sports editor.
  • Extra, Extra, a reminder: this is the IRE's blog/list of good computer-assisted reporting stories, updated regularly. It came from Derek Willis' The Scoop in the beginning, when Derek did this daily. I still have The Scoop in the blogroll, but it's no longer the place for all the CAR stories. So I'm adding this one.
  • Citizen Watchdog, by Jennifer LaFleur at Dallas Morning News, includes a guide to do-it-yourself background checks.

  • Authoratory is a PubMed search designed to find contact information for experts in various medical and scientific fields.
  • VoomPeople is a people finder/business finder/background search tool. Free search finds variations on a name, and location. Details are for a fee, varies.

  • The Business of Baseball 2007 from Forbes, team, ownership profiles, financial reports.
  • Revolution Health, a new health portal from Steve Case. Has blogs, condition/drug profiles, doctor/hospital finders, insurance comparisons.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Source Tool from the SEC, provides links to laws, rulings, source documents, and help contact info.
  • Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Energy, 2004 report from EIA.

    Public Records:
  • Coral Gables, FL Police: Searches: Search incidents, arrests, citations, and crash reports, starting Jan '06. (Via PI Buzz). Also from PI Buzz:
  • Licensed Social Worker search. A few more searches.


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