Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knight winners

I've been seeing mentions of this in several blogs, but it wasn't until I went to the website that I realized how close to home this is:

The winners of The Knight News Challenge include several former colleagues and friends (Nora Paul, Rich Gordon, Geoff Dougherty); Bloggers I've read for years, like J D Lasica, Jay Rosen and Amy Gahran; Journalism innovators I've admired, like Adrian Holovaty and Chris Callahan. Among them, too, even the daughter of a long-ago colleague, Dori Maynard.

Congrats to all the winners who all are helping to find ways to make journalism work in this new confounding future.
(photo: Nora Paul. Long way from the old days on Biscayne Bay.)

(Updated:) Rich Gordon discusses his initiative to offer master's degree scholarships for programmers and web designers here: Seeking a new breed of techno-journalists. Or, as Sheila Lennon puts it: Newsrooms need programmers. Boy, do they.

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