Monday, May 14, 2007

Not quite Tennessee, and a blog survey

Thanks to the Knoxville News Sentinel's Jack Lail for including me on this list of Tennessee women bloggers. I'm flattered, but there's a slight glitch: I live about 10 miles from the Tennessee line, in North Carolina.

I do often post photos of places in Tennessee on my photo blog, though, which was also in the list.

Speaking of blogs (and Tennessee), a note from Texas Tech's Tom Johnson asks me to link to a survey he helped organize with Barbara Kaye of the University of Tennessee, on blogging and the Iraq War for UT researchers: A Survey of Blogs and Blog Users:
Results from an earlier version of the survey have been published in academic journals and books as well as presented at international conferences. We are trying to reach blog users from a wide range of political perspectives and from a wide variety of types of blogs, so participation of your readers is important.

If you read blogs, other online news sources, or use conventional news sources, please take this short survey.

(Updated:) Oh my, also a mention on Byron Chesney's fine Knoxville Trivia blog, about my photo blog, where I'll post more about his posting:
If you love to see good nature photographs, you should visit Southern Highlands Cam. Liz, the site's author, produces some of the most beautiful photography work on the entire web. According to the "about" section of the site, the photos are from "the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountain areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and points north on occasion." I've had the pleasure of visiting many of the places that she photographs and I really enjoy getting to visit them again via her blog.

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