Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog serendipity: small world

Some days it's surprising to find that the people you know (even if you only read their blogs) know each other.

I've been meaning to post about Ronni Bennett (of Time Goes By) and her new blog highlighting stories and essays by elders. It's called The Elder Storytelling Place, and this week it featured a Mother's Day story by Fred First: While There is Yet Time: Mothers Day 2006.

Fred, of course, is the creator of Fragments from Floyd, which I've linked to since I discovered this great community in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, and Fred's great writing and photography, several years ago.

Check out The Storytelling Place. When I first found it there were only a couple of stories there but now it's full of great stuff.



  • Thank you for the links, Liz, and for mentioning The Elder Storytelling Place. Good stories are flowing in from all over the world - some really excellent stuff.

    By Anonymous Ronni Bennett, at 5:01 AM  

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