Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Printer blues -- going away?

I wouldn't link to two Business Week stories in a row, but this one is worth a mention, I think:
Kodak Launches a Printer Offensive. Sez here Kodak has developed a new ink that prints photos that are sharper, more colorful, and will last 100 years. The printers they will soon be offering (in range from about $150 to $300) will be multifunction printers as well as photo printers, and the replacement ink cartridges will be much cheaper, by half.

Can't wait. I have a good printer/copier/fax but rarely print photos on it. Wouldn't mind having something that will print good ones without the high cost of ink. And I'm glad for Kodak. As a daughter of a longtime Kodak chemist (who had a hand in the development of Kodachrome and other films) I'm glad the company seems to be weathering the decline of the film business.


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