Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wade's empire

A quick link on my Gmail feed to a Business Week story on Dwyane Wade (luckily spelled right on the story although the Gmail link had it spelled Dwayne): Building a Megabrand Named Dwyane.
It's sort of disturbing to see this nice kid becoming an advertising superstar, but it's the price of talent and success. "Dwyane kind of snuck up on people with how great a player he is," says NBA legend Charles Barkley. (Barkley, of course, is featured with Wade in a couple clever commercials including the one in which a ditsy waitress asks if Sir Charles is Wade's dad.)
The news here: Wade is partnering with Google (he's a user himself, the story says. Well, duh!) to create a website:
A fully interactive site built by Google with Google Search functions embedded. Fans would get a customized mix of e-mail, sports news feeds, flash games, and promotional messages. Hundreds of Wade basketball videos exist on Google and YouTube, and Stroth wants to link them to Wade's site. "This notion of user-generated content is unbelievable," Stroth says. "We want to fuel that."


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