Monday, February 05, 2007

A life well lived

A good sign is when the tributes just keep coming days after you leave this world. Molly Ivins is getting plenty of those. And I said I'd posted the last on this topic but these are just too good to miss:

Morton Mintz reminisces about Molly Ivins' writing on the Neiman Watchdog site, and reminds us what Molly said when she first announced she had breast cancer, several years ago:
"I would like the beloved women readers to do something for me: Go. Get. The. Damn. Mammogram. Done."
(I did, finally, this past year, and it was suspicious enough that I had a second mammogram, then a biopsy with ultrasound. It was a hassle and expense but it's worth knowing there's nothing wrong.)

Mintz also quotes from a recent column. How can it be said any better?
What happened to the nation that never tortured? The nation that wasn't supposed to start wars of choice? The nation that respected human rights and life? A nation that from the beginning was against tyranny? Where have we gone? How did we let these people take us there? How did we let them fool us?

Also, Sheila Lennon posts lots of links to coverage of Molly Ivins' funeral by bloggers and participants.


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