Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kapono who?

After seeing two Heat players take the skills and three-point championships last night, I can't help pointing to more on Jason Kapono, who isn't nearly as well known as Dwyane Wade who won the skills, but who won the distance shooting contest and had everyone asking, 'Kapono who?':

In the Palm Beach Post, Chris Perkins calls him Quirky but cool:
Thursday night in Vegas, the Kaponos arrived at an event minutes after everyone else because Jason didn't want to pay for valet parking. His wife had to walk from the parking lot in high-heeled boots....During the Heat's championship parade last summer, Shaquille O'Neal called Kapono the "coolest dude on the team," something that puzzles Kapono.

David Hyde in the Sun-Sentinel: Who is Jason Kapono?
Kapono is legitimately funny in a way you don't often see in sports, walking around the Heat locker room imitating Talladega Nights lines or saying his Hawaiian ancestry was so famous it's found on the state seal...he had to beat the genetic odds, too. His dad is 5 feet 8. His mom, 5-5. Their son somehow rose to 6-8.



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