Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogs, journalism, and a monumental mistake

The Oklahoman's Notes from the Newsroom blog is a fun way for reporters to post things they might not get to write about otherwise. According to one editor, the blog has been a good source for story ideas too. Less structured than many newspaper blogs and a nice connect with readers.

Peter Norvig is Google's research director, and he's got something to say about news reporters: Reporters and Parrots. He says he's "...appalled by the shoddy level of reporting I see".
Mark Schaver objects.

Lots of links today to a blog by Robert Stein, called Connecting.the.dots. Stein, a former magazine editor, was profiled in his local newspaper, the Stamford (CT) Advocate, which calls him a 'blogtogenarian'. He's 82. Stein's stated blogging purpose is to cast a historical light on current events: "Everybody, it seems, learns something from past mistakes except you-know-who."

Nancy Pelosi's office has a blog, called The Gavel. Includes videos of House members's speeches on the floor, as well as news.

The National Security Archives has posted a new collection of briefing materials from 2002 on a possible invastion of Iraq, by Centcom: Top Secret Polo Step. In it, the military brass projected that most U.S. troops would be out of Iraq in 45 months -- only 5000 as of December 2006. 'Delusional', according to NSA's director.

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  • Does this mean our finest military minds were not swinging lucrative defense contracts around and our administration wasn't lying to the American public, they were all just stupid?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:12 AM  

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