Monday, February 19, 2007

Blogger book

Always nice to hear of a blogger getting attention for the writing. Here's one who just got a book contract for a book based on her blog, Wife in the North. She's a former education correspondent for the Sunday Times who moved to the north of Britain to raise her children in a rural area; her husband works in London. The story in Times Online says she got a 70,000 pound book contract, after drawing attention from other bloggers.

The writing -- reflecting the dismay of a woman alone in a house in the country with small children -- is wonderful:
Ok, the move. I am at risk of spontaneous combustion. I am at risk of the children coming to find me and finding instead a flaming office chair and a pair of charred sheepskin slippers, smelling of burnt wool and cheesey feet. If you could scream on the internet I would do it. What was I thinking? What was I doing agreeing to move house in such a cack-handed way? I hold myself responsible. I believed my husband when he said it would be OK. It was not OK.



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