Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend update: More research links from the week

Wow, another busy week (and weekend), but also, some really interesting new research sites made their appearance last week.

The links:

  • The Relationship Between Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices, from EIA. (PDF)
  • North American Power Plant Emissions, data from 2002 in PDF format.

  • World Population Data Sheet, 2006 from Population Reference Bureau.
  • Electric Power Annual, data from 2005, EIA.
  • Immigration prosecutions for June 2006, from TRAC.

    Governments, Politics:
  • Country Report on Cuba, just updated, from Library of Congress.
  • Elections around the world, 2006 from Australian parliamentary library.
  • Abramoff Ties to White House, report from Committee on Govt Reform.
  • Good story on Tracking politics with blogs, aggregators and tracking tools from Searcher magazine.

  • 100 Leading Media Companies Report from Ad Age. Includes downloadable media company family tree poster, and data.
  • Well Connected, a Center for Public Integrity report on the Broadcast, Cable, and Telecommunications industry. Includes information about state influence, federal lobbying/influence, and a media tracker.
  • FDA News and Recalls Archive, updated daily, from AskSam. It's searchable. Note AskSam can create a database from any RSS feed, according to their newsletter. Contact them for info on setting one up.

  • Chicago Manual of Style is now online, by subscription ($25/yr now, $30 later).
  • Reporters Cookbook, a Wiki for reporters and others interested in Computer-Assisted Reporting and Research, where participants are encourange to post their tips, instructions, and guides to better research and database usage. Under construction, contributors are encouraged.
  • I had linked to, and looked at, Google Reader once, but never really tried it. Last week I set Reader up to read a few news feeds for a project I'm working on and I'm finding it to be pretty efficient. I may like this better than any other RSS reader/newsfeed aggregator I've tried. What do you think?


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