Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Research links and useful sites

I'm cutting into the collection of links I'll post over the weekend, but these are too interesting to hold for several days:

  • Folkstreams, streaming films on folk culture. Featured, among many others: Alan Lomax's Appalachian Journey.

  • Congressional Family Business Project, from the Sunlight Foundation, searching for instances of congressional spouses paid for working for Congress.

  • Bush Judges Confirm Opponents' Fears, report from People for the American Way:
    Federal appeals court judges nominated by President Bush are threatening and undermining Americans’ rights and liberties, and working to reduce congressional authority to protect those rights and liberties...

  • Forecast Advisor gives you a local forecast, and rates other weather services for reliability. (via Tara Calashain's Tech Talk blog from WRAL-TV.)

  • Also via Tara: Bildt Comments, blog from former Swedish P.M. Carl Bildt, who was just named foreign minister. Thoughtful comments on world situation. Something here I hadn't heard about elsewhere: the U.S. Navy's base at Keflavik has been shut down.
    For close to a generation, Keflavik was the by far most important military installation in northern Europe. It was the linchpin of Atlantic and Northern security during the cold decades of the Cold War.
    No more.


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