Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Politics and sex

Seems it always comes back to this. Some 'interesting' reading on variations on this topic:

High Infidelity, in Washington Monthly. How certain potential presidential candidates might be judged by their sexual pasts:

Despite the scandalous details, whether the press will air them is still an open question. When it comes to personal morality, liberal commentators have long argued that the press has one standard for Democrats and another for Republicans (and another one entirely for the Clintons). It's possible that the mainstream media will fail to apply the same scrutiny to the known transgressions of Gingrich, Giuliani and McCain as the Times did to rumors about Hillary Clinton's husband.

Then there's Digby, on "Frothy Junior", asking why it is so many DC wonks seem smitten with George W. Bush's manhood:
Bubba was female friendly (if you know what I mean) and was the object of a great deal of derisive coverage for his tomcat vibe by the priggish DC press. What worked in his favor out in the country — his smarts ‘n sexual charisma — made the Washington media squirm like a bunch of little old ladies caught by accident at a Marilyn Manson concert. And then along came the codpiece and they all fell in love. Wassup with that?
...It’s the image of Bush as some sort of cowboy hero that kept him propped up for so long (if you’ll excuse the expression) and which the press corps has been dying to get another lingering look at. They love their man when he’s all sweaty and swaggering. Preferably in a tight jumpsuit.

Bonus link, also from Digby on Hullaballoo, Insurgent Sympathizers, on a "love song", Hadji Girl, popular with U.S. Marines in Iraq:

I hope the Republicans are prepared to spend as much on VA mental health as they've spent filling their right wing cronies' bank accounts because a lot of these guys are going to need help.


  • Liz---You need to get up to speed about the BIG scandal news roaring thru the Blogosphere---Blogola. This is where politicos are paying big bucks as "consulting fees" in exchange from promos on the Blogs. Specifically the Daily Kos blog. Check it out. The last two editions of the DUmmie FUnnies covered this Blogola scandal in detail. ---P.J.

    DUmmie FUnnies

    By Blogger PJ-Comix, at 4:45 PM  

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